The Business People


Public Sector & Government

Lobban Hyde has far-reaching knowledge in all areas of the public sector. Through everyday hands-on involvement, we have established a thorough understanding of the issues that affect:

  • local and central government
  • educational institutions
  • health
  • arts and heritage
  • international funding
  • social housing

Lobban Hyde is dedicated to refining public outcomes through a focus on society. Our team prides itself on developing relevant, timely, and viable solutions for our clients that tackle toughest of social and public issues. At Lobban Hyde, we are the Business people with a heart.

Real Estate & Construction

The Lobban Hyde team is very diverse and includes business advisors from a variety of backgrounds, who provide excellent services to property investors, developers, real estate consultants. 

With extensive experience and knowledge of the real estate and construction sector, we understand your business is unique and deliver the highest quality service tailored to enable our clients to attain the best results.


In a highly competitive and regulated environment institutions face increasing demands.

LobbanHyde’s comprehensive understanding and experience within the industry allow it understand each client’s unique business need and provide tailored solutions.

Whatever the need, we have the experience to deliver the right solution for your specific requirement.


With rapid shifts in demand, developments in technology and an increasingly competitive and globalised marketplace, businesses need to be more responsive to change than ever before.

A global marketplace is demanding production of higher quality goods, faster response times and lower costs while mass customization, outsourcing, and leaner margins are increasing competitive pressure. Successful companies are those doing more with less while becoming increasingly customer-centric.

As experienced advisers to the sector, our focus is on helping clients to run their businesses efficiently, take advantage of opportunities and stay one step ahead in a demanding and dynamic environment.