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Accounting Audit & Assurance Tax Advisory


Business process outsourcing has become the operating norm for emerging and established businesses. Companies are increasingly outsourcing their non-core functions so as to better channel their talents to deliver superior stakeholder value. At Lobban Hyde, we know that no two clients or businesses are the same. With our experience, we listen to your needs and study your operations to provide integrated and customized solutions for your business. We offer a wide range of services, allowing us to serve clients in the business development cycle. Our services include: Preparation of accounts

  • Data Entry
  • Establishment of Accounting Control Systems
  • Appropriate system of filing of documents to facilitate future Audits and Verification

Audit & Assurance

Lobban Hyde leverages its expertise to ensure that our opinion about information presented to stakeholders and assessment of internal controls and performance of our client’s businesses are reliable, accurate and timely. The audit approach by our firm is an adaptable one. This identifies the processing points where the accounting controls should exist, evaluates only relevant and effective controls. It also highlights missing and ineffective controls for corrective actions and generally ensures that whiles’ covering other important areas, significant effort is concentrated on areas where greatest risks exist


At Lobban Hyde we understand that inappropriate taxation decisions and inaccurate taxation practices can cause a business to lose money or fall afoul of the law. Our firm provides invaluable advice on tax matters and obtaining tax holidays under the investment laws, or resolving tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service. Where individuals and organizations are required to obtain Tax Clearance Certificate as a prerequisite for engaging in certain transactions, we assist clients in arranging for such certificates with the revenue authorities. We also represent clients before the Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service for the purposes of reaching consensus on tax obligations and negotiating for payments.


We provide additional value to our client’s by applying insights from our relevant experience to help you make the right decisions.  Our Advisory services include:

  • Finance and Operational re-engineering including training
  • Cash Flow Planning and Investment Advisory
  • Taxation Planning, Management, and Compliance
  • Feasibility Studies and Corporate Planning
  • Working capital Management
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Change Integration
  • Strategic Planning

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